New Resolution Passed on Payment Terms and Facilities

1. Film city has released 30% advance payment by the BOD resolution No 130/11 (A). Now for the long term package deal have payment pattern as bellow

  1. 25% Security deposit
  2. 20% Sdvance payment
  3. Deposit of water charges - 75000/-

2. Payment of shooting of the rig is made half of the shooting charges i.e., before the resolution production house has been charged full payment for the rig shooting and this payment is for the booked location only, but now shooting on the rig made half charges. Production house can now shoot anywhere on the road of the filmcity.

3. New resolution of BOD made “Shifting charges” half. i.e., according to the new resolution of BOD, now production house will have to pay half charges for second location for maximum 4hrs shooting, if the location is available in the same day. But any production house wants confirm booking of the same location then they have to pay full charges. This charges will be applicable only available locations of the same day.