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Visit National Museum of Indian Cinema to explore the journey of Indian Cinema

National Museum of Indian Cinema is the only cinema museum in India that takes visitors on an absorbing journey of more than a century of Indian Cinema. It is a monument that celebrates the world of Indian motion pictures - right from its inception up to its modern-day marvels. NMIC is located at Pedder Road, Mumbai

The visitors can explore the journey of Indian Cinema at NMIC in a storytelling mode with the help of vintage artefacts, exciting visuals, melodius music, and creative graphics. 

National Museum of Indian Cinema, one of its kind, was inaugurated in the year 2019 by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Since then, NMIC has been providing a wholesome experience to its visitors, bringing everything under one roof - from stories of the Superstars of Bollywood, to the Glittering glamour of Bombay, from vintage lights and cameras, upto the modern 3D cinema, from timeless melodies, to modern music, and from Blockbuster films upto path-breaking classics. 

- National Museum of Indian Cinema is located at Pedder Road, Mumbai. 
- The museum is housed in two buildings - Gulshan Mahal, a 19th century heritage bungalow, and Modern Glass Galleries
- The Gulshan Mahal covers the arrival of Cinema in India, India's first feature film, the transition from Silent to Talkie cinema, and how Indian Cinema evolved in the first half of the 20th Century.
- The Glass Galleries talk about the cinema across India, technological innovations in Indian Cinema, and how Indian cinema has evolved according to the changing times. 
- At NMIC, there's an entire gallery dedicated to the life and contribution of Satyajit Ray, the Honorary Academy Award-winning legendary Indian director. 
- The cinema lovers can not only get enriching information about Indian cinema through the state of the art artefacts at NMIC, but also have an hands-on experience with modern technology used in Indian Cinema, through the interactive galleries. 
- The galleries of NMIC have many vintage cameras, lights, and filmmaking equipments on display.
- At NMIC, visitors can take walk through a timeline of a hundred years of Indian Cinema – knowing about some of the landmark films that released over a period of hundred years. 

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