My close association with Film City has been most pleasant and rewarding – many a times wheedling out my best performances in the cozy and comfortable ambience of its surroundings.

I have acted in several films in the studios and outdoor locations of Film City. I am truly impressed by its peaceful atmosphere and professional attitude.

During the scripting of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gam, I conceived the character of Anali sharma who lived in Chandni Chowk. My technical team wandered through the to shoot 40 days with the star cast in this environment.
Then my father Yash Johar suggested I build a replica of Chandni Chowk at Film city. And so, Chandni Chowk was created in Film city. It is the endeavour, facilities and services provided at Film City and its staff that helped filmmakers like me in projecting Indian cinema on the international screen.

The glory of the land at Film City lies in the ability to hold sets with different perspectives and locations dating back to 320 BC Patliputra as in the epic serial Chanakya, a big haveli as in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, recreating Goa for Josh and setting up an Indian fair set for Mela.

I remember my first shooting day at Film City for who Saat Din which went on to become my first big hit. Since them my love affair with this sprawling piece of greenery has become stronger. With actors being superstitious race, the success of Who Saat Dinhas ensured that I shoot for at least one day for all my films at Film City.

I remember the glorious 19 months that I spent shooting practically every episode of Bharat Ek Khoj in the vast and spacious undulated grounds that constitute the Film City.

Film City is a boon to the modern – day artistes. Under the canopy of its infrastructure, artistes often tell me that they lose themselves in their role. Retakes are few and far in this location. The film gets into final shape earlier than one would have estimated.

From 1942: A Love Story to Mission Kashmir, I have been shotting at Film City. It would have been impossible for me to create my cinema without Film City. The Film City administration and their facilities are invaluable to me as they are to generations of artists and technicians from the Hindi film industry.

From a very humble deginning it has mede gint strides to reach its present premittion needless to say filmcity . as it is affectionately called has decome , an integral part of the film industry , I do hope it will remain forever , I wish filmcity still greater success.

I am indeed very fortunate to have associated with filmcity all these years most of ky films were shot in filmcity where the atmosphere is really favorable for such creative work and I had a wonderful experience working In filmcity.

I hereby wish to convey my appreciation to the management and the entire team at filmcity for maintaining such cordial with the production sector of the film Industry whose contribution to the growth of Indian film Industry is invaluable and praiseworthy . I wish all success in your endeavor and the best service being rendered to our Industry and many many more such jubilees to filmcity and look forward to a continued relationship in the future.

Filmcity , with its sprawling maidans floors and other facilities have been a wonderful home to the films that have been shot under my banner as well as those that I have been associated with , the staff of filmcity as well as shri Govind swaroop M.D and principal Secretary , department of cultural Affairs maharashtra state, Smt R .vimala deputy collector and jt M, D, and honourable minister shri Ramkrishna more minister of cultural affairs Education and Sports Maharashtra state have al ways given us cooperation inspiration and encouragement Over the years, their able guidance has given Dharma productions the necessary impetus to build the kind of movie sets chandni chowk set that we erected for my last film’’kabhi khushi kabhie gham‘’.

Filmcity has therefore become an integral part of any film that is conceived , produced and filmed in Mumbai As a result, I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate its staff as well as senior directors during this auspicious occasion and hope that they waill continue providing the film Industry with great services that they have during their last 25 years. With dest wishes and a more glorious future,

In the middle of an expanse of green forests it rose like a massive temple almost like t the temples of the ancient Aztec Indians of south American people ; but this was our temple of filmmakers of India, and in was in Mumbai-it was filmcity, ‘’chitranagari‘’.

The year was 1977 and I was working on my first film a director, we drove to the newiy constructed filmcity , the drive was glorious the atmosphere pristine , just outside the main gates, where Adlabs has now been built. I think it was the first outdoor set of Filmcity.

Be it the streets and house of Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman in “”Alibaba aur Chalis chor”” or the Court Room drama “Qila” with Dilip Kumar and Rekha; since many years, during which I have directed twenty films, there has never a film that was made by me, and shot in Filmcity.

Mumbai is both in terms of spirit and the number of films produced the very soul of India; s film Industry Every year, irrespective of the number of hits and irrespective of changing times and trends, some 200 films are produced here.

In my opinion, filmcity is most comprehensive and the largest such production filmcity of its kind available anywhere in India. The entire complex is spread over some 400 acres of land.

Mukta arts is proud of its Iong association with film city , we also feel proud in having a joint venture with film city fro setting up whistling woods International pvt. Ltd a training institute for film and Television and expects to admit Over 200 students every year from both India and adroad.

Mukta Arts has had a long association with film city for a period spanning well over 2 years and has explicitly used the facilities to make pictures with great ambience and grandeur , with the number of studio facilities growing from 4 to18 over the years film city has provided the movie industry with a work environment at an economical cots ,It s infrastructure and other facilities are now used for both movie and television content creation.

Film city has been at the forefront in creating environment that enhances the spirit of creativity by providing infrastructure and professional administrative services for filmmakers and independents producers, story writes and production houses , on a larger canvas, it has generated employment opportunities in the state of Maharashtra.

I take this opportuninity to congratulate the directors and teams members of film city will de an institution ‘’ in itself for meeting the increasing requirement of the India movie industry.

Adlads –India’ largest motion picture processing laboratory has become as integral part of filmcity ,this was possible because of the support and cooperation of the Government of Maarashtra who not only conceived the idea of having filmcity’’, now renamed as dadasaheb phalke Chitranagari’’, but also allowed a private enterprise like Adlads to set base in heart of the film industry.

Most of our clients soon realized the ease with which they could collect their raw stork, shoot and finally deposit their negatives at the lab Today, we are known for quality and as one of India;s premiere motion picture laboratories.

In the last few years, filmcity has witnessed tremendous growth in tems of its infrastructure Many shooting floors have been provided to meet the increasing demands of the film and television business. Allowing private enterprises to become a part of this development will prove beneficial to the government in terms of revenue and management expertise and will also make this set – up one of the best in the country.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Govind Swarup and Ms. Vimla for their leadership and contribution to what has become today the pride of our city.

It is indeed a great feeling to note that the sapling which was planted 25 years back, has blossomed over the years, and has now grown into a beautiful big tree. I must mention here, that the producer – Friendly approach of the management, different types of shooting floors, jungles, open plots of plants, gardens, post-production facilities etc. have made this Chitranagari the first choice of every producer. With efficient people like you at the helm of affairs, I am sure Chitranagari will continue to flourish and celebrate many more jubilees.

I salute the Govt. that had foreseen the future of the Film Industry and decided to set up this, Everything–under-one-roof studio.

Assuring you our fullest cooperation at all times, I remain.

Feature films, serials , TV commercials and even the world famous game show kaun Banega crorepati, was shot here, That s the kind of association one has with Film City.

STAR ’s association has only grown stronger after the launch of kaun Banega Crorepati,in June 2000. followed by kya Msti Dunm Kamzor Kbi kaun, Kismey Kitnaa Hai Dam Aaj DekkhengeHum and now Khullja Sim Sim, Kaun Banega Cropati went on air as per schedule, on July 3,2000, and surpassed all expectations, It become a national phenomenon changing television viewing habits, and rewriting television history in India, It also took STAR to the No1 position.

I take this opportunity, to thank Mr, Govind Swarup, for all the help and support extended to us, during the making of kaun Bnega crorepati. Without his personal interest, support from Ms.vimala and the staff of Film City this project would have been an uphill task to us.

I, once again take this opportunity to wish Film City all success in the years to come for their dedicated services to the Film Industry.

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