When your shooting schedule is tight - always is - the right stage makes all the difference to completing your project on time.

With 16 stages ranging from 5,500-18,775 sqft., we're capable of handling a number of large projects.

Film City is an integrated studio-complex housing over 16 studios at full-holding capacity with an optimal floor-to-ceiling ratio to accommodate all kinds of set designs - (air-conditioned with acoustic insulation)

In addition, we can accommodate multiple sets on any of our huge stages to make set moves quick and seamless. We also offer several audience rated stages, which are perfect for your next sitcom, game or talk show hit. When you need the latest technology to make your project the best it can be, look no further than our stages, which are all Wi-Fi ready. No matter what you require for your project, The Studios at filmcity has a stage that will make filming eaiser both on the production process and on your budget.

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